Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Apna Jalore" an online advertisement portal for the advertisement for the local business.This portal will help users to find all the local shops hotels, colleges, schools, hospitals, gaming areas etc address details.
Apna Jalore will also provide multiple services:
  1. Online Publicity Of Your Business In Many Ways.
  2. Publicity Through "Apna Jalore" Android App
  3. Publicity Through Facebook (Around 200 Members likes our page).
  4. Publicity Through Various Blogs (Youtube, Blooger, Yahoo etc)
  5. WhatsApp Group Publicity
  6. Publicity through "Apna Jalore" Magazine
  7. 100% Garntee to bring your business in Online Market.
  8. 20rs Per Add cost for month

Contact Us: (+91) 95 87 615254  (+91) 844 0000768
                     Pravesh Jain  Deepak Soni